5 ways to make you Easter weekend more colourful

Spring has sprung and, as the Easter weekend approaches, the timing is right to plan your festive, and colourful, long weekend activities. Here are five fun, creative and budget friendly ideas for you and your loved ones.

  1. Don’t just settle for a basic egg hunt. Give the colours extra meaning instead by assigning them to a small team. Make sure to do the colouring well before the start of the race so that your teams can bond and, when the competition starts, sit back and watch how colourful the team-based competition can be!
  2. Add some sweets that taste as good as they look. With HopScotch the Bunny Cake from Baskin-Robbins, you can be sure your guests will smile when you call them in to the table. The adorable bunny-shaped cake will be a fan-favourite for family and friends of all ages with its charming design and customizable flavours.
  3. Tap into your artistic side with a paint night (or day) for family and friends. Tap into an artist via video or among your circle of friends who can offer you step by step instructions to create your own canvas. A fun and colourful activity, you’ll have the added bonus of sending everyone home with their own work of art.
  4. A family “YES day” is key to blending quality time and colourful fun. Whether it be an activity, meal request, or a day outside, spend the day giving each family member one request to which all must say “yes”! Add to this the caveat that the request must include colour whether it be outdoors, food, clothing etc. .
  5. Play around with food coloring and turn simple meals into colourful fun! From pancakes to muffins and colourful pasta, try a fun new way of adding a little colourful fun to your everyday meals and snacks.

No matter how you choose to brighten up your Easter weekend, adding colourful fun through play, food and activities is a sure-fire way to add some special memories.