Celebrate Father’s Day for ever fatherly figure in your life

Wondering what to do this Father’s Day for the beloved man or men in your life? Whether it be a sweet-tooth dad, green thumb or a handy, hands-on dad, there are special ways to mark the special day.

Spicy: If you are celebrating a dad who loves spicy food, create an at-home hot sauce tasting experience. Bring a few bottles of hot sauce, remove labels and have dad taste test blindly with no warning for the heat!

Chill: For the dad who prefers a day surrounded by loved ones, consider organize an at-home experience. Kick things off with a breakfast in bed, marathon his favourite tv shows, or movies and end with a wonderful dinner of his choice!

Great outdoors : Turn to dad’s favourite activities for a family activity at the gym for a private workout , or have dad teach your whole family his favourite sport or outdoor activities.

Hands on: For a dad who loves all things handy, DIY and home renos, create an at-home workshop to work on his current or dream projects. Work as a family on one project or compete with mini small projects.

Sweat and sweet: After all of the effort from your activity, remember to consider the cool-off period, and if “sweet tooth” describes your father, consider what your local ice cream shop can bring to the table. Baskin-Robbins, for example, offers this June an Oreo Ice Cream Cookies & Scoops Cake, topped with Oreo ice cream cookies and scoops of cake – the perfect treat to celebrate the sweet-tooth in your life. A little ice cream and a lot of attention may well be the very best way to display some TLC this Father’s Day.

The Baskin-Robbins Oreo Ice Cream Cookies & Scoops Cake

No matter the fatherly figure you choose to highlight or his preference for sweet or spicy, this is the perfect occasion to celebrate the beloved men in your life.