Five simple but sweet treats for the motherly figure in your life

Mother’s Day has a way of stirring the creative juices in some, and perhaps a sense of guilt in others. Regardless of what emotions we’re feeling, it’s always a good idea to spoil someone who has been caring and nurturing in your life. And, rest assured, not every idea has to come with a high price tag. Here are our top five sweet and personalized ways to spoil the Motherly person in your life.

Decorate before sunrise: Offer a sunny surprise by decorating the house before the sun comes up. Consider adding handmade decorations and prepare a delicious breakfast to make the day extra special – right from the start.

Baskin-Robbins Mother’s Day Cake, topped with delicate and colourful flowers, this fully customizable cake is the perfect treat to celebrate mothers and motherly figures this month and to officially welcome springtime.

Sweeten things up: Sweet treats remain one of the very best ways to commemorate special occasions. Although personalized cakes are always in season, Baskin-Robbins offers already designed and thematic Mother’s Day cakes that even have flowery bouquets that are perfectly edible.

A walk down memory lane: Positive memories are worth re-living, especially with a loved one close by. Dig through those old photo boxes and find some amazing pictures to hang off balloons filled with helium or simply spread throughout the home. This way, wherever Mom goes on this special day, it can be a corner filled with fond memories, and brand new smiles.

Homemade all day: Nothing beats homecooked meals – regardless of your age.  Give mom a taste of love with a favourite meal, or two, made by special people on this special day! Whether it be snacks, a show-stopping meal or a whole day-long treat, make sure to sprinkle the day with walks or time outdoors too.

Yes day: As we all know, the new Yes Day trend is a very popular one with children but why not flip the script and give mom a day of “YES”! Pick mom’s favourite things, board games, activities, movies or drinks to make the day truly memorable.

No matter how you chose to celebrate the day, make sure to give it your quality time, and tender love and care. Happy Mother’s Day.